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A HDMI cable is a single cable used to connect HDMI equipped products together. A HDMI cable carries digital audio, digital video and control data along a single cable. The days when three or more cables needed to be used to connect your A/V equipment together are over thank goodness!

What types

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of A/V equipment have a HDMI interface? The most common piece of A/V equipment in the home is the television. If you have bought a flat panel TV in the past couple of years, it will have multiple HDMI inputs. If you have purchased a DVD player over the past several years, it will have a HDMI connection.

What types of cables are supplied in the box with the DVD player, Blu-ray player, Digital Set Top Box, PVR (personal video recorder)? The worst kind – a Composite Video cable (yellow plug – used for picture) and Left and Right Audio cables (white and red plug – used for sound). If you have any device in the home connected with these types of cables, please purchase a HDMI cable from Home Theatre Butler NOW as you are not getting the best picture and sound to your TV and A/V equipment! Why? The cables that are supplied with DVD players, Blu-ray players, Digital Set Top Boxes, PVRs, etc.. are analog cables. Analog signals are prone to various artefacts such as ghosting and crosstalk. A HDMI cable carries a digital signal. A digital signal is not susceptible to those artefacts that plague analog signals.

Where is the best place to purchase a premium quality HDMI cable? Online or In Stores? Online of course! Why? Price and value for money!

I have seen customers time and time again pay way too much

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for a HDMI cable. I witnessed it again just the other day. I was in an A/V chain store and witnessed a customer pay $80 for a HDMI cable that was inferior to the $24.95 Performance Series HDMI cable sold online through Home Theatre Butler. Home Theatre Butler has HDMI cables starting as little as $12.95 for a 1.5m HDMI cable. I have seen HDMI cables sold in A/V chain stores with comparable specifications to Home Theatre Butler’s Value Series $12.95 HDMI cable sell for $69.95!!!

Apart from price, is there a difference in quality between a HDMI cable purchased online from Home Theatre Butler and A/V chain stores? Performance wise, absolutely not!!! All Home Theatre Butler HDMI cables perform exactly the same as a cable purchased for hundreds of dollars more! I have personally conducted a side by side comparison between Home Theatre Butler’s HDMI cable costing just $24.95 against a big name English brand HDMI cable costing $250. The difference in picture quality? Nothing at all! I conducted the test in front of a customer, and we both witnessed absolutely no visible difference in picture quality between the two cables.

What are the other advantages of Home Theatre Butler HDMI cables?

  1. Home Theatre Butler personally selects all HDMI cables sold online through Home Theatre Butler.
  2. All Home Theatre Butler cables are manufactured by a certified HDMI adopter and conform to all HDMI standards and v1.4a specifications – guaranteed.
  3. Home Theatre Butler HDMI cables use a minimum of 28AWG (not cheaper 30AWG) conductors on standard male to male HDMI connectors.
  4. Home Theatre Butler uses quality braided mesh jackets (not cheaper plastic/pvc jackets) on all standard male to male HDMI connectors.
  5. All Home Theatre Butler HDMI cables are RoHS compliant. Meaning that the cables conform to manufacturing standards that limit the use of hazardous materials.
  6. 10 Year Warranty on ALL HDMI cables.
  7. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  8. Best of all, FREE regular delivery – Australia wide!

So, in answer to my question, where is the best place to purchase a premium quality HDMI cable? Home Theatre Butler, of course!

Want to get even more out of your A/V equipment?

Browse our online range of cheap, high-speed HDMI cables and speaker cable. We offer excellent value for money, great service and FREE Australia-wide delivery on all products!


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